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Tennis Elbow Specialist Treatment in Singapore

The proper name of “Tennis elbow” is lateral epicondylitis. It is an inflammatory condition of the common extensor muscles tendon that is caused by wear & tear or injury. It’s more commonly seen in the dominant arm and affects middle age individuals most commonly. And as the name suggest, it’s rather common in the regular tennis players who play > 2 hours per week.

There is usually not much pain at rest but the severe pain will be triggered by certain “particular” movements in the elbow, such as opening a door knob or a jar and it will “catch” and result in severe pain in the affected elbow.

Tennis elbow is actually the “sister” of Golfer’s elbow, and it is almost ten times as common. Golfer’s elbow is the essentially the same pathology, but happening at the inner aspect of the elbow (near the funny bone), caused by the inflammation and degeneration of the common flexor muscles tendon.  Other causes of elbow pain such as nerve impingement syndrome, or any other bone or joint pathology.


At HC Orthopaedic Surgery clinic, we will take a thorough history, X rays, MRI scan and a full physical examination of the affected elbow to evaluate the cause of the elbow pain thoroughly, this is also to exclude other causes of elbow pain such as nerve impingement syndrome, or any other bone or joint pathology.


The aim of treatment is to alleviate the pain, and to restore the function of the affected limb.

Depending on the severity of the condition, treatment will be individualized and can be divided into:

  1. Non-surgical
    • Anti-inflammatory medication
    • Physical therapy (stretching, ultrasound therapy)
    • Bracing
    • Steroid injection (H&L)
    • Joint injection (Plasma) – It contains multiple growth factors and boosts the healing process needed in the degenerated tissues. It is safe and will not have any risk of rejection. It is proven to have improved outcomes as compared to steroid injection at 6 months and 12 months.
  2. Surgical
    • Arthroscopic release
    • Open debridement with radiofrequency ablation
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Let Dr Henry Chan Help You

<a href=”/dr-henry-chan-orthopaedic-surgeon-singapore/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Dr. Henry Chan</a> is a leading orthopedic expert in the field of computer-assisted joint replacement surgeries in Singapore. He has been invited multiple times as instructor and faculty to various workshops in the region. He is also an expert in advance bearing surface technology – OXINIUM™ (ceramic knee implants) and highly crosslinked polyethylene.

As a firm believer in technology and he is always aiming to give his patients the best possible post-surgical results. He is well experienced in various computer navigation techniques:
<li>Stryker Enlite navigation system</li>
<li>Brainlab navigation system</li>
<li>Zimmer i-Assist</li>
<li>Zimmer Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI)</li>
<li>OrthalignKneealign system</li>
<li>Smith and Nephew Visionaire System</li>

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