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Sports Injuries & Knee Pain Can Destroy Your Game

Knee pain and sports injuries are devastating to the sportsmen, destroying their game and all the efforts spent in training are totally gone in that split second. Knee injuries and knee pain are the most common problems sportsman go through.

ACL Tear in the Knee

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear: ACL is the most important stabilising structure in the knee, especially in pivoting movements. Usually, the knee will be twisted wrongly and the patient will feel/ hear a “pop” sound, the knee would be swollen immediately and typically he can’t finish the game anymore. MRI scan of the knee would be the most accurate in diagnosing an ACL tear.

Treatment for ACL Tear

The initial treatment will be RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Anti-inflammatory medications will be prescribed as well followed by simple physiotherapy to restore the range of movement and the muscle strength. Surgical reconstruction is usually recommended for the patients who wish to return to sports, or else there will be residual instability and a high chance of recurrent injuries, and predispose the patient to accelerated post-traumatic arthritis.

Meniscus Tear in the Knee

Meniscus tear:  the medial and lateral meniscus are important supporting and shock absorbing structures in the knee, and they can be injured in a similar mechanism like the ACL tear, and they can occur together with ACL quite frequently. Depending on the size and the severity of the tear, symptoms vary from recurrent swelling, persistent pain or locking. Locking occurs usually when there is a large meniscus tear (such as bucket handle tear), the fragmented meniscus gets trapped inside the knee joint preventing it from moving. The meniscus can be repaired arthroscopically (keyhole surgeries), however, the damaged fragment might have to be removed if it is not suitable for repair.

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Let Dr Henry Chan Help You

Dr Henry Chan is a leading expert in the field of computer-assisted joint replacement surgeries and had been invited multiple times as instructor and faculty to various workshops in the region. He is also an expert in advance bearing surface technology – OXINIUM™ (ceramic knee implants) and highly crosslinked polyethylene.

As a firm believer in technology and he is always aiming to give his patients the best possible post-surgical results. He is well experienced in various computer navigation techniques:

  • Stryker Enlite navigation system
  • Makoplasty
  • Brainlab navigation system
  • Zimmer i-Assist
  • Zimmer Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI)
  • OrthalignKneealign system
  • Smith and Nephew Visionaire System

Consult knee specialist Dr Henry Chan today and understand more about the knee conditions you have.

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