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How can one resolve knee pain even after a knee replacement surgery?

Dr Henry Chan: Thank you for your question.¬†Persistent severe pain after a right knee replacement is abnormal especially when her other knee replacement was doing fine. I’d strongly advise you bring your grandmom for a checkup and we’ll need to… Read More

How can I get rid of longstanding severe shoulder muscle ache?

Dr Henry Chan: Thank you for your email. I would suggest you to get a proper check up by a doctor or Orthopaedic Surgeon – normal “shoulder strain” should not persist for more than a few weeks, and sometimes the pain felt at the shoulder may not be… Read More

Should I seek help for my neck strain?

Dr Henry Chan: Thank you very much for your questions. You are very right that most of the neck problems in your age group is likely due to bad posture (humans are not designed to stare at laptops/ handphones for prolonged period of time). However,… Read More

How can I reduce my knee pain without medication?

Dr Henry Chan: First of all, we need to find out why you are having persistent knee pain in the first place. Without finding out the cause, your knee pain will never be resolved and you will have to keep taking strong painkillers like NSAIDs… Read More

How safe is total knee replacement surgery?

Dr Henry Chan: This is a common question who is asked by everybody suffering from severe osteoarthritis of the knees. Total knee replacement surgery is very safe, and the success rate is well over 97-98%. But of course, like any other surgery, there…Read More

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