Paediatric Orthopaedic Specialist in Singapore

At HC Orthopaedic Surgery Singapore, our paediatric orthopaedic specialist takes care of the various Pediatric Orthopaedics (Child Orthopaedics) injuries and conditions from infancy to young adults.

Dangers of Paediatric Injuries

Children are not small adults, children are children! Their immature bones are different from the adults, their unique properties also predispose them to a different pattern of injuries:

  • Immature bones have growth plates, and growth plates are responsible for the growth. If the growth plate is injured, the injured limb maybe shorter, smaller and even deformed.
  • Immature bones are very elastic, they can be bent without broken (plastic deformation) or bent and broken at the same time (green-stick fracture).
  • The immature bones are not fully calcified yet, and they can’t be fully seen even on the X rays until about 12 years old! So clinching the diagnosis of a fracture relies mainly on the experience of the orthopaedic surgeons and advanced imaging techniques.
  • Children bones are much smaller and conventional plates/ screws/ nails for adults are too big for them and hence specialised paediatric implants such as Titanium Elastic Nails (TENs) have to be used.
Paediatric injuries and care
knee pain

Common Paediatric Injuries

Elbow fractures, forearm fractures, wrist fractures and ankle fractures are the most common injuries in childhood. If left untreated, they may result in devastating deformity and functional deficits in the future.

We Help Children Recover Fast

Common Paediatric Injuries

Although accidents cannot be 100% prevented in children, we can minimize the poor outcomes.

At HC Orthopaedic Surgery, we aim to get the kids back on their feet and back to play as soon as possible! Depending on the severity and types of the fracture, treatment can be divided into:

  • Cast immobilisation (with or without manual reduction)
  • Minimally invasive surgery – Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Pinning,
  • TENs (titanium Elastic Nails) insertion
  • Open Surgery

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